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Maka Buadze

For over 8 years working in the bank industry , 1 year in a movie industry as a production manager  and having tourism business over 5 years has been a noteworthy leader in the space. After moving to the States she entered the fashion world to explore her passion for art and entertainment in Hollywood . She founded company Nattywalk and been recognized with her extraordinary talent and hard work, Been honored worked with major celebrities in Hollywood, as a stylist,creative director and art director. 

Currently lives in Los Angeles and keeps busy with crypto and NFT space. 

Art Director

Thea Goguadze

Thea has more than 15 - years of experience in working on Art projects. She founded ReachArt Visual - Art Consulting Company in 2019. She had a leadership position as a high ranking diplomat heading international affairs unit under the government of Georgia. Thea, under a pseudonym name Tea Nili, as a curator, artist and gallery owner has organized numerous art shows. Recently, she curated a group exhibition and an art fair - “Anatomy of Existence” at a new exhibition space ArtTent - Mtasminda Tbilisi. During the last three years, Thea organized more than 30 exhibitions and art projects including presenting Georgia at Beijing International Art Biennale (China) 2017. She was the founder and curator of T.G. Nili Art Space (Tbilisi) for 3 years. Thea is actively working to create a network for talented artists, and especially admires to work with emerging artists. Thea also strengthens her network by sharing her curatorial and artistic practices with established artists and other professionals


Mariam Shergelashvili

Mariam has 10 years of experience working in an Art field. She has received her B.A and M.A in Art History and Theory from Tbilisi State University. From 2013, she is working at the State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently, she is an exhibition curator of the museum. Her working interest is to research, analyze different practices of contemporary visual art. Mariam is founder of the experimental art platform unarchived_semiotics and is working to develop a non-formal educational platform through researching curatorial and theoretical practices in collaboration with artists, curators, museums and other art institutions. Mariam Shergelashvili has been involved in differrent research projects. She organizes and coordinates various educational activities, exhibitions, seminars, and lectures. 

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