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Journey Behind The Scenes
Journey Behind The Scenes

Journey Behind The Scenes

The State Silk Museum is pleased to invite you to the exhibition “Journey Behind the Scenes”. Due to the museum restoration works the exhibition will take place in the gallery Fotoatelier

Time & Location

13 Oct 2022, 17:00

Pavle Ingorokva 14 St, T'bilisi, Georgia

About the event

Environment - permanent transformations, a continuous informational stream, a space of exchange and connection, observation and feeling, around us and with us.

Museum - a place of knowledge, sharing and meeting - facing the transitions during historical and contemporary formations.

Environment and Museum - connecting these two concepts, the State Silk Museum presents a photo exhibition "Journey Behind the Scenes" in the framework of an educational program. The exhibition presents works created by school students during a month. Analyzing the photo as a medium, teenagers’ connection with the outside world is presented experimentally through the medium of digital photo collage, printed photo and video.Personal history, story and different angles of observation spread in the exhibition space into triple interpretations of emotions, concepts and connections.


Qetevan Amonashvili Ana Apkhazishvili Nia Badagadze Nino Beriashvili Tika Bolkvadze Mariam Burchuladze Elisabed Genebashvili Tinatin Kutubidze Anita Makharadze Luka Nachkebia Mariam Saginashvili Elene Skhirtladze Lile Urushadze Luka Karchkhadze Gvantsa Tsulukidze

Lead of the project: Salome Phachuashvili

Project team:

Nino Arabidze Tea Botchorishvili Marina Gonashvili Ekaterine Mumladze Nanuka Nanobashvili Mariam Shergelashvili Mariam Chachanidze

Invited photographer: Guram Tsibakhashvili

The project was made possible by the generous support of the International Education Center Alumni Association.

The museum acknowledges the gallery Fotoatelier for providing the space for exhibition.

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