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Exhibition “Aliving Visual Diary”
Exhibition “Aliving Visual Diary”

Exhibition “Aliving Visual Diary”

Time & Location

26 Nov 2023, 19:00

T'bilisi, 14 Pavle Ingorokva St, T'bilisi 0108, Georgia

About the event

“Aliving Visual Diary” is a celebration of the diverse voices and perspectives within the world of photography. Appreciating the craftsmanship and creativity of these artists as they present a kaleidoscope of images that challenge, inspire, and resonate with the soul.

Exhibition represents  art of storytelling. From rare artworks from private collection, that spans the personal moments, offering a rare and emotive insight into the lives of the famous artists, to experimental weave tales of reality, providing a unique glimpse into the human experience.

The exhibition also celebrates the avant-garde spirit of experimental photography, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques to create visually striking and thought-provoking imagery. From breathtaking landscapes that transport viewers to distant realms to the meticulous beauty of still life compositions, every photograph on display tells a story of its own.


Giorgi Shengelia

Giorgi Shengelia is a photographer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Operating through materials,

spaces, sources of light, and image, and obtaining multi-layered images through

modifications, is Giorgi Shengelia’s recent artistic challenge, aspiration, goal, and desire.

The space of his experiments turns the image into a kind of ‘visual haiku’, which is saturated

with melancholic delicacy and nostalgia for the lost, faded world; and similar to haiku, it

seems to fit the whole universe in 17 syllables. The multi-layered image, the artist is working

in the darkroom is loaded with meanings and the increasingly rare luxury of enjoying the

ephemeral in the relentlessly accelerated rhythm of rational modernity, along with the

reflections on infinite to finite.

„In my photographs, which I have been taking for years, I discovered that the same images

keep appearing: flowers on the graves, grey hair, pools of blood during the mountain

celebrations, fading plants, cemeteries, lifeless animals left on the roads… I see the

connection between these images. None of the photographs depict a person. Each

photograph is a still life, and a symbol of life’s transience and the certainty of death. It has

become my way of fighting the fear of death, by understanding it through the medium of

photography“ – Giorgi Shengelia

Giorgi Shengelia was born in 1984 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He graduated in Power Engineering

and Telecommunication from Georgian Technical University in 2006 and moved to Florence,

Italy with his family. It was while living there that he developed his interest in art and

photography and in 2012 he decided to follow the courses of photojournalism at Fondazione

Studio Marangoni. After completing his first personal project (Four Rooms on everyday life of

Georgian women migrants in Italy) he returned to Tbilisi where he works as a freelance

photographer. In parallel with his documentary work, he develops a more plastic and more

artisanal photography.

Nino Alavidze

Nino Alavidze is an artist based in Tbilisi, Georgia. After receiving a master's degree from

the Faculty of Easel Graphics of the Tbilisi State Art Academy (1995-2001), she further

honed her skills at the Faculty of Photography (2002-2006). Since 2005, her career has

revolved around the advertising industry, where she has worked as both an artist and

photographer. Since 2013, she has been actively contributing to the photo bank of the

English-language information platform, Through this platform, she has

shared her captivating photo stories. Additionally, she has collaborated with various

international as well as local organizations and media companies as a freelance


Her photographic pursuits encompass various genres, including documentary, reportage,

advertising, and alternative approaches.She has participated in various group exhibitions,

both in Georgia and abroad. One of her primary interests lies in capturing the landscapes

and inhabitants of highland regions of Georgia. She is captivated by the personal narratives

of individuals and their daily lives, as well as the transformation and potential disappearance

of traditions, rituals, and religious practices over time. In her recent personal projects, she

delved into themes centered around the concepts of time, presence, and the observation of

its passage. She seeks to visually depict the experiences and sensations accumulated in the

subconscious mind through the incorporation of landscape and different elements from


Anna Kacheishvili 

Anna Kacheishvili is a photographer based in Tbilisi. She often records the surrounding

world based on her experimental research and subjective point of view. Her photo lens often

captures people, objects from a different angle and at the same time with their own

perspectives. The intensification of the moment, the contrasting effect of light and shadow as

a result of Anna's searches is revealed in her black-and-white and color photographic works.

Anna Kacheishvili captures even imaginary reality with complete dynamics and subjective

accuracy. Her latest project "Grant me a visa" she expresses a dynamic, social, colorful,

improvisational America from the Google Street camera views which are photographed by

the artist. “My dream didn't come true but I photographed America, I photographed America

from my home...grant me a visa...!" - Anna notes in her artistic statement.

Anna Kacheishvili became professionally interested in photography in 2016 and became the

awarded photographer at various festivals in the first years. This was already enough for her

works to go beyond the borders of Georgia. Currently, Anna is working on several

independent projects: “what if”, "Lost highway", "Where is God". 

She attended different workshops within the framework of the festivals. Anna had eight group and one personal

exhibitions. Her solo project “Grant me a Visa” was realized at Artarea gallery space. She is

the winner of many competitions and her photos are exhibited in different countries. Her

photos are also in private collections (France, Germany, India and others). She won the

Anagi photo contest where Anna received the Grand Prix - Trip to Rome. Also, two of her

works were selected in Kolkata International Photo Contest (India).

Giorgi Lomidze (b.1986) - Painter behind the lens

Giorgi, has been immersed in the world of drawing since his early years. His creations

vividly portray emotions through a rich palette of colors, suggesting that, for him, colors have

evolved into the primary method to express emotions. Following his exhibition in 2015,

photography became a significant focus, and by examining his photos, it becomes evident

that his pieces not only infuse emotion into colors but also transport a sense of light and

emotion through the interplay of simple, light, and black-and-white tones into visitors. For

him, photography is a way to share his unique perspective with others.

Tea Nili

Tea Nili is a conceptual digital artist based in Germany, currently lives and works in Tbilisi,

Georgia.  Through the analysis of digital imagery, disintegrated and minimalistic

reconstructed forms, Tea Nili develops a common methodology of her practice.  In the

presented series, the accuracy of the forms obtained through the decomposition of the

image represents the "Anatomy of Existence", as mentioned in the title of the work. In this

manner, Nili constructs her own coded reality and, in a way, reacts to the unconscious

tendencies and ideologized characteristics of surrounded reality.

Wolfgang Ernst, researcher and theoretician of media art at Humboldt University in Berlin

represented his concept media archeology “De-historicising Art History: Bringing Back

Foucault’s “Archéologie“ in relation to Tea Nili’s art practice. As Enrst describes Nili’s works

“cold” algorithmic sorting of images results in a different kind of imaginary museum. Tea Nili

actively participated in different group shows in Georgia and abroad, including “Trajectory of

Thoughts”, TBC Concept/Gori Art House, Georgia 2022-2023; Art Palace Georgia Tbilisi,

2013; Georgia Berlin Gallery, Germany, 2013; IberArt Gallery, Germany, 2013.

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